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Post  CMA_Rider on Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:45 am

SYE - Slip yoke eliminator
CV - after market drive shaft with a double cardan joint on one end and a slip section in the middle
BL/bl - Body Lift
BB/bb - Budget Boost - usually a 2" puck suspension lift, also comes in 3/4", 1.75", and 2.25"
TT - Tummy Tuck - a skid plate that raises the transfer case skid a average of 2"
Belly up - TT
CA - Control Arm
UCA - Upper Control arm
LCA - Lower Control arm
d30 - DANA 30 - Front axle on all YJ's, TJ's, and JK's besides Rubicon models (03+)
d35 - DANA 35 - Rear axle on all YJ's, some TJ's and a few JK's made in 07
d44 - DANA 44 - Some TJ's and 99.99% of JK's, also standard on all Rubicon editions
d34 - DANA 44 - Front rubicon axle - d30/d44 hybrid - d44 differential with d30 tubes, C's, and shafts
AMC 20/amc 20 - CJ rear axle on mostall CJ's
I6 - 4.0/4.2 liter engine in some CJ's,YJ's,and TJ's
I4 - 2.4/2.5 liter engine in some YJ's and TJ's
WF - Wrangler Forum
JF - Jeep Forum
FB - FaceBook
TB - Track Bar - not needed in leaf sprung vehicles
SB - Sway Bar
SL - Suspension Lift
DS - Drive Shaft
BS - Backspacing
M/T - Mud Tire - also means Manual Transmission
A/T - All-Terrain - also means Automatic Transmission
R&P - Ring and Pinion
CAI - Cold Air Intake
d60 - Dana 60 - 1ton axle
d70 - Dana 70 - 1ton axle
d80 - Dana 80 - 1ton axle
14-Bolt - GM 1ton axle known by the 14 bolts in the the diff cover
8.8 - Ford 3/4 ton axle mostly found in the explorer
super88 - Chromoly axle shaft kit
super35 - Chromoly axle shaft kit most of the time w/ C-clip eliminator
super44 - Chromoly axle shaft kit
super30 - Chromoly axle shaft kit
C-clip - A small clip used in the d35 and amc20 to hold the axle into the diff and hold the spider gear onto the shaft- weak point
8.25 - Chrysler rear axle used in the XJ
IFS - Independent Front Suspension
IRS - Independent Rear Suspension
SAS - Straight axle conversion/swap
SUA - Spring under axle
SOA - Spring over axle
HVAC - Heating and A/c system

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